Simple Concise D.I.Y. Law Arguments

Simply prove NO JURISDICTION when defending yourself against victimless-crime charges.

And completely level the playing fields with all loan institutions/persons lending to you.

To quote the source of this concept: “They cannot argue Lawfully against these arguments and win”.

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1. Bullet Proof Loan Agreement Challenge Letter (NEW – IT’S NOW APPLICABLE WORLD-WIDE)

The ‘Bullet Proof Loan Agreement Challenge Letter’, which you will send to your loan institution (bank, credit card company, student loan company, etc., etc.), applies especially in all countries that have the BAR for [sic] “judges”, but also applies in those which don’t, because they all follow the same currency system worldwide – Rothschilds’ central banks in all countries – except only three.

It renders null and void, all kinds of loan agreements, because they all have the same easily proven frauds in them.

Download the letter here: Loan Agreement Challenge Letter (If that doesn’t work copy paste and download )

Get and keep proof of delivery, and insist on a reply in writing. Also email it to them, and keep your proof of email, as the PDF will have the hyperlinks activated.

[Also see a brilliant challenge to the lawfulness of worldwide central banking legal tender at ]

2. Bullet Proof Jurisdiction Challenge Document (ALWAYS WAS APPLICABLE WORLD-WIDE)

The ‘Bullet Proof Jurisdiction Challenge Document’, which you will address and deliver to the attorney or prosecutor who is dealing with a charge against you, with a copy to the “court” (get proofs of deliveries), applies in non-Britain territories; definitely the current and former Commonwealth/British Empire. For British territories go to

But the argument is universal enough to apply in the rest of the world as well; if they have the eyes to see the undeniable wisdom of it.

Don’t play their legal game. Just give the document and wait for a reply.

And there’s only one simple reply to every question that they level at you, whether in or out of “court”; NO JURISDICTION. But you can also read the document in the “court” if it comes to that.

If there’s a clause in their documentation which claims jurisdiction then reference that clause in your challenge document.

And maybe only use your first name? because your IDs / licenses etc., which have your full name in CAPITALS are the documents of a corporation that you are unknowingly an officer of: according to their fraudulent legalese, and also according to that fraudulent legalese you are 100% accountable to it.

[See more on this topic in the Challenge to the Lawfulness of worldwide central banking legal tender above.]

They address the corporation and hold you liable to it! It’s complicated, hence this simple approach that bypasses and NULLIFIES their fraudulent and complex legalities that they have imposed on everyone, without their knowledge or consent.

Which is another point: For any agreement to be binding there needs to be no uncertainty of terms. And virtually no-one is aware, and therefore it is also without consent, that governments have corporations in the names of their citizens, which they prosecute, fine, tax, etc., etc., and hold the NAMED person (you) accountable to.

And look at the charge docket. The police officer’s name is also in CAPITALS; another poor slave to the system. So you could ask him if he’s aware that his government corporation is charging your government corporation, and that it’s not actually him.

Download the document here: Bullet Proof Jurisdiction Challenge Document (If that doesn’t work copy paste and download )

If it goes to a hearing, then ask for a jury, because it’s a legal maxim that: “No man can judge in his own cause”, and the NO JURISDICTION challenge is a cause against the “judge’s” and the “court’s” authority.

If they ignore the very obvious and simple logic, and refuse a jury, and rule against you, then appeal the conviction and/or sentence, whichever they level (I don’t fully understand legalese). And use basically the same approach. And keep appealing to a higher level; gaining more publicity as you go.